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November 14/1996 – November 21/1996″An open mind, like an open window should be screened  to keep the bugs
out.” V. Hutchinson

While Real Estate markets in Abbotsford and Chilliwack are improving –
particularly in the $200,000 and under  price level – there still is a lot
of gloom around. Some areas are not moving at all, others that moved well
in the past – such as the upper end in White Rock/Morgan Creek – seem to
have fewer sales overall. Many wish they were back to those “up years”
where everything went always up. Up in price, up in volume. But did
everything really always go up in volume and price? A fine paper by
esteemed Professor Stan Hamilton of UBC points out the fallacy of this
argument. Hamilton: “The total  number of MLS transactions in B.C. has
grown from 5,098 in 1961 to 294,276 in 1995, a compound growth rate of
approximately 10% per year. But the year over year change in the total
number of MLS transactions shows big variations. Between 1961 and 1995,
there was a year over year decline in the number of transactions in 10 of
34 years. The most spectacular ” boom and bust” period occurred in 1979-81,
but recent declines in 1994-95 are also significant. Transactions rose by
34% in 1980. Then they fell by 39% in 1981. So whatever you are feeling,
we’ve been there before.

In our July 4 to 10/1996 issue we pointed out that the Real Estate Act,
Part 2 does not protect you, if you either sell as an agent or buy as a
buyer on Native Lands. In fact the disclosure requirements and the
recession rights contained in the Act do not apply to subdivided lands on
First Nation property. Last week the Real Estate Foundation reported that:
” if you enter into a dispute over a tenancy agreement or rule or
regulation, you must have a federally registered headlease with the Indian
Affairs Ministry. Without head and sublease in place,YOU HAVE NO LEGAL
RECOURSE and must rely solely upon goodwill to resolve the problem. In fact
says the foundation: ” Legally,  no Indian Act supported lease means having
No lease!” We re-iterate our recommendation: Avoid buying property on or
property that is abutting Native Land. Even property that you have to drive
over Native Land to get there may give you unanticipated problems in the
CMHC: “The high vacancies are attributable to a net outflow of people, an
aging population that favours home ownership, ideal conditions for buying
homes, low mortgage rates and a large supply of affordable housing. ”
Indeed! Another factor , according to CMHC is the abundance of rental units
available even outside of the apartment and  townhouse units surveyed.
Excess supply of almost all types of housing is a boon to renters.
Expecting improved migration (over 6,000 inward bound for 1997) CMHC does
expect the vacancy rate to drop to 9% this October and to 7 % next October
(which would be the lowest since 1993). As we put in our JREI newsletter on
“Edmonton perhaps” earlier this year, Edmonton has experienced a
“bottoming” in both price and volume and from a cashflow perspective
definitely warrants a look. Our statistics show however, that in some
suburbs and parts of Edmonton proper, vacancy rates are far higher than the
average, reaching as high as 13%. But then you can buy an apartment
building for as low as 18,000 per suite. Even though 45.3% of all tenants
in Edmonton (37% in Vancouver) can now afford to buy, the town still needs
a boost in new confidence.
Not really? I still find it surprising , that units just over the bridge
from downtown (say West 13th or so) on the Westside sell for  $280 – $310
per sq. foot while downtown they sell as low as $210 to $225 per sq.ft.
So, before you plunk down that $220,000 or so for your 750 sq. foot unit,
take a look  what the extra 250 square feet downtown can mean in terms of
living space. I don’t mean high profile presale downtown, but one to three
year old downtown buildings like Pacific Boulevard buildings. You have
view, location and size on your side.That area, while still emerging, will
in 5 years be prime and the larger units will command a better price.
A short few years ago, we built  large condominiums, of the three bedroom,
1,200 sq. foot variety. When affordability became a factor and “price
point” a buzzword (you gotta be below that magic $150,000),  everyone built
small, small, small… 600 sq. feet and the like. Again, all together. Mark
my words, we willl have a shortage in the 1,100 to 1,300 sq. foot category.
It’s becoming evident.

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Twenty-three nations came online in 1996: China, Russia, Brazil and Hungary
are the four fastest growing country domains this year. If you do nothing
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