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Comment: Lots of comments on Clint Eastwood and political correctness, on last week’s initial sales stats for Fraser Valley and the North Shore and on the numbers in general. (Surrey up 51%!) Today’s update is even more astounding. Time will tell.

Q: Your piece on Canada’s economy and latest results blew me away. Why isn’t this in the general media?

A: It is and it was. But, not front page. I just provided a summary and shared my concern.


Fallout From The Tax – So Far

Tammy Sharp, North Shore Realtor: “The sudden implementation of the foreign buyer tax, combined with continual negative media attention, has left buyers and sellers with general feelings of fear and uncertainty. This fear of the unknown has generated a self-fulfilling prophecy of a market slowdown as buyers and sellers choose to hold off on any activity, and instead the choice is to ‘wait and see’ what is going to happen next. This has resulted in a sudden dampening effect on the North Shore market.” Email: tammy@tammysharp.com.

Analytics Inc. says there were 2,300 units sold at a value of over $1.25 billion to foreign buyers … that could be at risk (of non-completion).

Re/Max reports 45 sales not completing so far.

Re/Max VP Elton Ash: “The tax has chilled the market and virtually NO BUSINESS IS BEING DONE.”

Ms. Liu Fei, Chinese envoy in BC asks: “Why a 15% tax? Why now? Why this rate? What’s the purpose? Will it work? I am not sure that even a 50% tax would solve Vancouver’s affordability problem.”


The Numbers – Up To Date – Yep There Is A Sales Crash!

Clearly the North Shore numbers bear out the comments by the RE/Max VP.

Look at these crunch in sales: (Provided by top North Shore realtor Tammy Sharp)

August 1 – 14:

  • Greater Vancouver Single Family Home Sales
    • 2016 = 95 –83%!
    • 2015 = 565
  • Greater Vancouver Condo Sales
    • 2016 = 205 -71%!
    • 2015 = 701
  • North Vancouver Condo Sales
    • 2016 = 14 -68%
    • 2015 = 43
  • West Vancouver Condo Sales
    • 2016 = 3
    • 2015 = 7
  • North Vancouver Single Family Home Sales
    • 2016 = 12
    • 2015 = 47
  • West Vancouver Single Family Home Sales
    • 2016 = 3 -95%
    • 2015 = 51



Ideas To Minimize The New 15% Tax Or Look For Opportunity

  1. Buy a lot. Pay tax on the lot. Build a new house. (You don’t pay the tax on the house.)
    Saving on speculation tax and transfer tax will help pay tax on land.
  2. Go to assignments on craigslist.com and see what’s being offered. There were 79 listings as of last Saturday looking to assign their contract on a pre-sale. There may be many looking for a profit, but there may be some that just want to get out of their deal!

If you have other ideas tips…share and we feature you here.


Eyebrow Raiser – Central Banks And Tragic Conclusions?

Michael Campbell writes that worldwide Central banks cut interest rates 666 times in the last few years. (Devil’s  number?) Also, he wrote in his blog: “Recently the central bank of Switzerland bought 3,300,000 shares of Apple and Mario Draghi said they will do ANYTHING to save the economy and financial markets. Skilled investors like Soros, Gross, Ichan & Druckenmiller are saying they don’t like the underlying implications of the Banks actions at all, and are positioning their portfolios for a tragic conclusion.

(Go to moneytalks.net to read more.)


International Retirement Living

From “International Living postcards”

The International Living company rates its top 10 retirement living countries. You will notice that our top recommendations from 2014 and 2015 are also here (Spain, Portugal, Thailand) but others are rated higher. Here are their top ten in descending order. (Excerpts from their special report – for more details go to their website above):

#10: Portugal

One of the smallest countries in Europe, Portugal is one of Europe’s best-kept secrets. Many fall in love with this little country due to its near flawless weather, abundance of golf and water sports, and superb fresh food. The relatively low cost of living is also a big draw for those who choose to live in Portugal.

A two-bedroom house on The Silver Coast can be bought for $96,000, while the same price could get you a three-bedroom house with a yard among the olive groves and vineyards of Alentejo. Rental properties vary in price from $190 to $918 per month depending on where you are in the country. In cosmopolitan Lisbon expect to pay on average $900 for a one-bedroom property, while in the small town of Estremoz $200 will get you a two-bedroom home.  Living in Portugal is relatively affordable compared to its European counterparts. Utilities usually run from between $110 and $150 a month including water and garbage. You can still get a coffee for 75 cents and a three-course meal at lunchtime, often with a carafe of table wine, will cost around $12. Romance, culture, and adventure awaits you in your ideal spot in Portugal.

ED. NOTE: We ranked it higher in our forecast because if you buy real estate here you can become a ‘landed immigrant’ instantly and a citizen within 5 years. Look at your OUTLOOK report.

#9 Spain

Beaches…mountains…fabulous cities…cracking festivals, and, of course, guaranteed sunshine. It’s not surprising that Spain is the most popular country for Europeans seeking a home overseas.  Many retirees flock to southern Spain’s beach towns. The Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol have large expat communities—and English-speaking services that cater to them.  Northern Spain is famous for the pilgrim route, the Camino de Santiago, as well as being one of Ernest Hemmingway’s favorite European haunts. This part of Spain has a lot to offer—the stunning Pyrenees, the beaches of the Basque country, bull running in Pamplona, and a quality and cost of living that is near impossible to beat. This is also Spain’s wine country, so if you enjoy the odd tipple, you’ll be in heaven here.

ED. NOTE: We ranked it higher because if you buy real estate here you can become a ‘landed immigrant’ instantly and a citizen within 5 years. Look at your OUTLOOK report. THE ‘GOLDEN VISA’ – WE THINK IS AN INCREDIBLE ADDED BENEFIT!

#8: Nicaragua

Nicaragua is one of the most beautiful countries in the Americas. Nicaragua is virtually unknown—and usually misunderstood—by most people, which is why forward-thinking, international investors can find some of the best real estate deals on earth in this country. Not only is it physically beautiful, but the country offers you the “best bang for your buck.” Depending on where you want to live, you can still find lots for $3,000 and up. Of course established towns and beach areas will cost more.

#7: Thailand

Thailand has a lot of options. Some foreign retirees choose to live in the hubbub atmosphere of Bangkok. Some live in the north of Thailand where life is quiet, peaceful, and very inexpensive. Others choose the south for its beautiful beaches. Living in Thailand is unbelievably cheap. There are many places where you can dine well and still leave the table with change from $5. In fact, go north, and you’ll also find that 20-baht noodle stalls still exist—that’s just 60 cents! You can rent a really nice place just about anywhere in the country for just $500 a month. We know of one expat who pays $222 a month for his beachside bungalow with air conditioning, hot water, and Wi-Fi. A full check-up in a modern hospital by an American-trained doctor will cost you less than $40.

  • #6: Colombia
  • #5: Malaysia
  • #4: Costa Rica
  • #3: Mexico
  • #2: Ecuador

And the winner is…PANAMA. (According to this special report by International living):

#1: Panama

When it comes to attractive retirement destinations, Panama is at the top of our list. It’s the only country in Central America with a true First World city. But unlike most South American capitals, Panama City is only two-and a-half hours by plane from Miami. (And let’s not forget that, unlike some places closer to the U.S. border, Panama is hurricane free). All of these things combined, make Panama the 2016 Annual Global Retirement Index winner.

Major Point: To check out more info provided go to … www.internationalliving.com and get their fine report. For ourselves we preferred Spain, Portugal, Thailand and Malta – for their large expat populations and we believe the Golden Visa – even if not used – gives you access not only to the country you choose but all the countries in Europe much like a green card from the US.


Astounding Prediction. The Future Is…?

Much has been said about Virtual Reality (VR). I forecast its coming 3 years ago, made it part of our 8 Astounding Predictions at every event and at the last SUMMIT CONFERENCE meeting last June we had the VR people here from Calgary who floored everyone that wore the VR glasses…

Well, I’m here to tell you that Google glass and Oculus Rift with Samsung glasses and even the involvement of Facebook is now a fact. The future is here! Now: Bring in AUGMENTED REALITY (AR). (Google glass) will actually let you live your normal life but augment it with occasional planned VR.

I.e. kids are playing basketball, when (for a very long time to them) a huge whale appears and seems to rise out of the floor and splashes back into the Gym/Ocean. The applications – both good and bad – are endless. Watch for it: The future is AUGMENTED REALITY (AR).


Recommended Reading

Ok, ok, not a real estate book. The Autobiography of a Yogi (liked by Steve Jobs) has been around for a very long time. I sat down this week on a beach on Thormanby Island, read it again with peace in my mind. I highly recommend it. Take a deep breath and dive into the world of searching for truth and self-realization. With humour and heart.



1. 12 acres on a paved road, with power, gas, phone in 150 Mile House. With a small pond. You can build, park your RV or just hold. All the services and easy to reach winter and summer. Price: $89,000;

2.  Rancher in Agassiz, 1240 sqft on a big lot close to all amenities and good investment or weekend retreat. Will rent for $1500 +. Price: $349,000;

3. Harrison Hot Springs, last big 1/2-acre lot, possible duplex or two houses. Price: $250,000.00. Subdivision possibility…

WE RESERVE THE RIGHT to accept or not to accept a specific deal. What makes it a deal? We look for: Low down payments, special discount, and owner carries mortgage, etc. Also note…we do not vet any deal, we just think it may be of interest. You MUST do your own due diligence. Please get contact info from your password-protected website or e-mail Max at max@jurock.com … and read the disclaimer! 



To all who participated: THANK YOU VERY MUCH! We always want to improve the quality of our newsletter and we can only do that with your help.

For some reason we left out the “Question, question” section, but did have a lot of responses under ‘responses’. All positive. Over the next 2 weeks you will see many of YOUR suggestions incorporated (some re-incorporated) into our publication.

Winner of the Ozzie’s new book:

  • Ziggy Binder
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    I liked the short and long term suggestions in the last issue, like to see that quarterly
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  • “When talking about US R/E, Ozzie tends to focus on a few areas (Phoenix, etc.). I would like to hear about other great opportunities. I am looking into the Toledo, OH market right now and it has good potential, especially for cash flow. Other than that, I am a long term Ozzie fan…listening to him got me into investing!”
  • “Find it really frustrating that when it comes time to renew a subscription, there is no warning that the subscription is coming to an end. Also, a “Catch 22” results when trying to renew (at least last February) online. Try to renew, but have to log in. If the subscription is expired, it asks you to log in, however you cannot because the subscription is expired!” (This has since been fixed by Rob.Anchor)
  • “The hotline. I like the concept but it sometimes has a busy signal. To save on band width instead of a video what about just audio that we can access via the web?”
  • “As a REAG member I found out that I no longer have the same access to the insider material so much of what you have been asking is no longer available to me in the insider section.”
  • “Example stories of deals that have been successful and why”
  • “I think Ozzie speaks too fast and I find it hard to understand him”
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Our 24th annual Outlook could be the most important ever. Twelve expert speakers will tell where the opportunities – and the dangers – lie in Canada and the United States in the year ahead.

For early bird tickets (your guests only $30), special seating and more information, click onto www.reoutlook.ca

Remember: Subscriber discount for becoming a sponsor with display table booth.


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