Buy Europe for under $500,000 and get a passport!

Tired of high taxes, unreasonable new laws, unaffordable prices? Move out ... way out ... Move to Spain, buy this 1,000 sq foot condo near the beach for 159,600 Eu... And invest in another one and get a 'golden passport' that makes you a European... Email for more info. Sign up for the new OZBUZZ   DISCLAIMER: View

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Bowen Island Hot Property

Bowen Island - 20 minute ferry ride from high priced West Vancouver real estate yet part of the West Van district, its school system etc.: 1. Approx 4,000 sq. foot luxury home, (building cost about $1.8 mill) sitting on a one acre lot (value likely $8-900,000) offered at only $1,800,000. It is a gorgeous, well

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