Hello Ozzie, hope you are home relaxing drinking your healthy beer! I just wanted to say thank-you so much for making our sales rally a smashing hit. I’ve heard you speak before and you sure are fun and so much knowledge in that head of yours. Thanks for sharing your insight.
We will have to start planning next year’s rally now in order to find as engaging, on point for our industry speaker as you.

Natalie Gauvreau
Homelife Benchmark Rlty (Clov)

Many, many thanks again for your excellent speech, and for helping judge the 5th Annual Fraser Valley Commercial Building Awards!

It was a great success, and glad you helped make it so!

Looking forward to next year already and hope you can be a part of it again!

All the best!

Mark MacDonald, President


Ozzie you’re amazing. You continuously give so much information to people and want to see them do well. You’re a blessing and highly recommend your course to anyone. Love to connect again soon.


Thanks for everything Ozzie!! Everyone just loved you.

Thanks again!

Natalie Wallace

Real Estate Institute of Canada

I suggest to all those looking to have a speaker at your event that will make the audience stay 2.5 hours after it’s over – Contact Ozzie. He’s a dynamic speaker with his experience in life and insight to work and a balanced life.

Manager, Kimberley Chamber of Commerce

Dear Ozzie: I won’t be there as I am in Ireland, I have to tell you I have had your I will grow into my future best cards with me as I cycle through the country. I have found them so helpful as I go through life. You won’t be remembering me but you gave me wise advice regarding buying a place years ago, and I did, and now at 71 myself I am benefitting from that decision.. would love to meet you when I return to Vancouver. I wonder if those cards touched others like they did me, and it is ironic that I get one of your group mailings here in Galway Ireland (I have 2 or 3 cards in my pocket right now!) Your way of working, presenting and above all your spiritual philosophy is fabulous!

Thank you


Wow! What a pleasure to attend your conference today. You are a tremendous host! You are very talented. You had the crowd laughing, engaged, and yet you kept it very professional and informative. What a conference. I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to attend. I am indebted to you!

Thank you again, Ozzie, and congratulations on hosting such a successful conference.


BCIT Student

Hi Ozzie, hope all is well. I am a long time member and through your savvy advice now own 35 condos on Vancouver Island. Keep up the good work, enjoy reading your newsletters.


I attended your conference of Sat – Oct-14 and I really, really enjoyed every moment of it. It was wonderfully useful information and frankly, wonderfully entertaining as well. Thank you.


I would like to thank you for an awesome real estate investment conference last Saturday. My first time to the conference and i learned so much. A few weeks ago I attended a peak performance evening and learned about real estate as a passive income and so of course I was thrilled with all the information your conference contained. As a result I am planning to take your course in the new year. I would also like to mention that I am a certififed real estate stager (Canadian staging professionals) and really appreciated of your comments in praise of staging property. We stagers need all the exposure we can get.


Just a quick Thank you from me and my husband for your facts by email and all the information we have obtained over the last several months. We also went to your Land Rush seminar in the late Spring and this gave us the confidence needed to step out of the box and make some “well thought out moves” in real-estate. We are just closing a deal that is making me, (the housewife) $90,000.00 before taxes in just 3 1/2 months!

So a big thanks and continued success for you and your company.



Hi Ozzie, I have to say “THANKS!” for last night’s little negotiation session. It was really fun. I appreciate all of these offerings you create for your REAG members. I’m glad to be a part of it all! Cheers.


Hi Ozzie, hope all is well with you and that you had fun cruising the islands and Howe Sound.

Your seminars on the Alaskan Cruise were awesome! For the last 10 years at least (since I was 14 or 15), I’ve been listening to tapes (Jim Rohn etc.) reading lots of books and have had a few small businesses. I attended the business program here in Kelowna, but through all that I’ve never found anything that I was truly interested in. Real Estate (as an investment tool, and as a career) was always in the back of my mind but I never followed up on it.

Since your seminars and the brief conversation we had over breakfast (on the cruise) I’m pretty sure that I’ve found my calling. For the past month I’ve immersed myself in your books, MLS Listings, other real estate books & web sites, and have found it very interesting and quite exciting. A couple of weeks ago I subscribed to your Insider Newsletter, Facts by Fax and your Hotline.

Evidently, drawing up the action plan is of utmost importance.

I’ve got a rough copy drawn up and it is already working wonders. My credit card debt will be paid off by October 1st, and on that same day I’ll be making a call to the Real Estate Council to get started on my “Pre-Licensing Course”.

Thank-You very much for the opportunity to attend your seminars, and also the opportunity to join you on July’s cruise. In case you’re not exactly sure who I am, I’ve enclosed a picture from the cruise (I’m the one nearest Jeff, my buddy Chris is next to you). See you at “Real Estate Outlook”.

Thanks Again

Jody L. Miller
On behalf of the CAFP (BC) Chapter, thank you for your tremendous presentation on Thursday, September 19th, 2002.
John Weston, a lawyer friend who runs with me said, “Ozzie always underpromises and over performs”, which I fully endorse.
Due to the success of our New Venue and your presence, we had more participants than expected. So please accept my apologies for the late start as I know we could have 15 minutes of questions, at least.
Yours truly
Ian P, Mellor, CFP
Program Director, CAFP (BC)