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  • You've all heard 'Location, location, location,' ad nauseum. Everybody's answer to real estate investment. Yet, it's a myth. This book dispels that and a dozen other myths. It is not the 'Location, location' cry we should remember, but rather learn to understand that acting on 'timing' and 'trend' has made and will continue to make the real fortunes.
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    Ozzie’s Two Books on USB

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    TWO BOOKS: Real Estate Action 2.0, What, When, Where, and How to Buy Real Estate in Canada on USB  

    Real estate expert and bestselling author Ozzie Jurock brings together 47 real estate professionals and some newbies who "can" and continue to "do." It draws on their experience and expertise in order to bring to you an insider's view on essential real estate subjects, ranging from making the right purchase for first-time buyers to what the keys are to becoming a successful investor. See realestateactionbook.com for more info.
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