Real Estate Outlook 2017, Vancouver, BC

Real Estate Outlook 2017, Vancouver, BC

Sept. 24, 2016

Our conference is in its 24th year. Since its inception The Jurock Real Estate Insider REAL ESTATE OUTLOOK conference has established itself as the quintessential real estate outlook for the serious investor or homeowner. Fine central venue, seasoned presenters and quality exhibitors.

This will be the most important Outlook Conference in years, harkening back to days after the 9/11 terror attacks when delegates were told to prepare for a bull residential market when most analysts were advising duck and cover.

This year there is a swing presidential election in the U.S; new taxes on foreign buyers in Metro Vancouver; Britain’s exit from the European Union, the collapse of oil prices and worldwide fears of both inflation and deflation.

REAL ESTATE OUTLOOK, with the top speakers and analysts in the business, will tell real estate investors of the opportunities and the dangers in 2017.

Get answers to these questions from a Conference that has had an amazing batting average.

  •  Will Vancouver recover from the tax intro?
  •  What sleeper areas should investors buy in British Columbia?
  •  What does Brexit mean for us?
  •  Where to invest in the U.S.?
  •  How will oil prices change?
  •  Will the Canadian Dollar rebound?
  •  Will the Chinese and other foreign money stop coming to Vancouver?

And of course deals, deals, deals – including homes for $100,000 or less in British Columbia and the USA.

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