Oz Buzz #5

#OZBUZZ #REALESTATEMARKET #BOOK #AUDIOBOOKS #MUSIC #CANADAECONOMY  #ISLANDBUYING #WORDSIHATE #LIVELIFELARGE#TARIFFS#SUCCESSISINTERNAL Today’s issue: Responses. A whimsical book. Ozzie on air. Tariffs. Bitcoin. Q1 and more. Trudeau’s trillion. Investment tip. Island buying. Real Estate tidbits. Because we let them. Read the fine print. Success is internal. RESPONSES Several comments: 1. BINGE WATCHING: I could not find “The Bridge” on Netflix.

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Hot Property: Kimberley 3 bedroom house plus detached 1 bedroom suite

1. Kimberley 3 bedroom house plus detached 1 bedroom suite 2 bath 2,443 sq ft in total Close to downtown $227,000 2. Lakefront – Quesnel Lake, Horsefly 5 acres – year round access - $89,000 DISCLAIMER: View any posting on this website with the understanding that "Jurock Real Estate Insider (JREI)" and

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Oz Buzz #4

RESPONSES Thanks for sooooooo many responses and all of them favourable! However, the biggest response was regarding my item on basking your BBQ meat in beer! Really? That’s what you gals/guys worry about? All fun aside, I appreciate you taking the time to reply and that you care. REAL ESTATE TIDBITS 1.

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Springhouse BC – Two houses for the price of one! Plus 71 Acres

Springhouse BC, (15 minutes west of Williams Lake) Two houses for the price of one! PLUS 71 ACRES: a) One expensive Log Home, replacement is higher than the asking price, b) Another custom build home, c) Both have a square footage from 2600 + each, d) Plus huge barn and other outbuildings, e)

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Hot Property – Lower Mainland Condo – $162,000, 2 Bedroom Condo $284,900

Harrison Hot Springs – One kind of a deal, Studio Suite, 310 sqft , with bathroom and kitchen, Condo fee $111, weekly and monthly rentals possible, Asking $162,000. Abbotsford, $284,900, 2 bed condo, 1 bath, rentals allowed, fully renovated, positive cash flow, 916 square feet, Top Floor Corner unit. For investor: 20% or $56,000 down at 3.89%, Projected Rent

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Oz Buzz #3

#OZBUZZ #REALESTATEMARKET #BOOK #AUDIOBOOKS #MUSIC #CANADAECONOMY #INTERESTRATES #INTERESTRATEFORECAST #WORDSIHATE #LIVELIFELARGE THE WORLD Much discussion/debate/suggestions received! Thank you but I am not engaging in a one on one basis. What I believe is stated below ... your call as to what you believe. Cheers! The US is tightening the money supply and increasing

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