NEW! In 1998 and every year since Ozbuzz said: 'Inflation is here to stay'
    --In Feb issue : 'The high is in Place'
    --In July issue: '4 ugly months ahead'
    --On Sept 10 Ozzie (+11 speakers) gave the reasons and 11 new ideas what to buy and what not to.
    --NOTE: On October 4 Ozzie will update the numbers
    --NOTE: On November 6 Ozzie will update (after BOC interest rate increase) his prediction on the outcome after US FED interest rate increase.
    NOTE:  Get the full day video PLUS UPCOMING UPDATES HERE:
    Complete access to recording of Land Rush / Real Estate Outlook 2023 on special Website. Real Estate Land Rush / Real Estate Outlook 2023 - Sept. 10, 2022 – 12 speakers – all day $98
  • Ozzie Jurock is a prolific speaker (some say he just likes to talk a lot!). He's available for business functions as a forecaster on interest rateseconomic outlook with a definite bend on real estate related issues. As one of Canada's leading business motivators, Ozzie has a unique approach to the new millennium. He has a no-nonsense presentation, that allows for facts, forecasts and motivation with humour.
  • Learn while you drive, Ozzie's new and revised 25 Real Estate Investment Principles (on USB).
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    TWO BOOKS: Real Estate Action 2.0, What, When, Where, and How to Buy Real Estate in Canada on USB  

    Real estate expert and bestselling author Ozzie Jurock brings together 47 real estate professionals and some newbies who "can" and continue to "do." It draws on their experience and expertise in order to bring to you an insider's view on essential real estate subjects, ranging from making the right purchase for first-time buyers to what the keys are to becoming a successful investor. See realestateactionbook.com for more info.
  • These thought starter cards are designed to help you grow into your own wondrous, rousing, vibrant and adventurous … future best.
  • You've all heard 'Location, location, location,' ad nauseum. Everybody's answer to real estate investment. Yet, it's a myth. This book dispels that and a dozen other myths. It is not the 'Location, location' cry we should remember, but rather learn to understand that acting on 'timing' and 'trend' has made and will continue to make the real fortunes.


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