Real Estate Action Book 2.0

Real Estate Action Book 2.0

Well-known real estate expert and bestselling author Ozzie Jurock brings together 47 real estate professionals and some newbies who “can” and continue to “do.” It draws on their experience and expertise in order to bring to you an insider’s view on essential real estate subjects, ranging from making the right purchase for first-time buyers to what the keys are to becoming a successful investor.

“When I sell, where do I get the best bang for the buck? Why and how to structure a professional joint venture? What are the essential tax considerations for real estate investors? How can I get a good deal through foreclosures and auctions? What do the pros know about real estate investing that I do not? Whether you are a buyer or a seller, a novice or professional, this book offers you great insight and value that could end up saving or making you tens of thousands of dollars.” – Michael Campbell – Host of “Money Talks Radio”

Meet Real Estate Action Takers who share their personal journey into real estate action.

  • Overcoming your investment fear of failure
  • Don’t oversell without testing the market
  • Pre-sale musts
  • Make money from your RRSP
  • U.S. Tax liens and auctions
  • Ski resorts, watch restrictive covenants
  • Dealing with a municipality
  • The power of due diligence
  • Create partnerships for life
  • Understand the multiplier effect
  • Get rich fast or get rich slow: Just get rich! …and so much more!

“Here is the best advice from some 47 Real Estate Action Takers. First time buyers, developers, builders, accountants, even an owner of a $150-million-dollar portfolio – all have something real estate to share.” – Ozzie Jurock

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