Oz Buzz Podcast #19: Bruce Macdonald, author of Vancouver: A Visual History

Oz Buzz chats with Bruce Macdonald, author of Vancouver: A Visual History. Born in Vancouver in 1948, Bruce Macdonald grew up in West Vancouver and studied engineering at the University of British Columbia. He taught at alternative and secondary schools for several years. Macdonald learned state-of-the art computer graphic and cartographic programs in order to create Vancouver: A Visual History - a project that took eight years to complete.

Oz Buzz #6

#OZBUZZ #REALESTATEMARKETS #BOOK #WORLDVIEW #REALESTATE#NORTHWESTEXEMPTION #LIVELIFELARGE #TURKISHDELIGHT #YESTERDAYSDREAMS Today’s issue: Several comments: Do more on the world view/Do more details on real estate/ Love Behzat/Do it weekly. Lots of responses on all things real estate. A thinkers book. Ozzie on air. Bitcoin. Tesla. Inflation. Turkish Delight. Investment tip. Real Estate tidbits. US

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