Central Phoenix (Historic District), 4Plex ,$299,000 USD.

It’s a deal because it will cash flow $10,000 USD per year based on a 65 percent LTV mortgage.

Further details:

Completely refreshed 4plex in beautiful condition, including updated plumbing and electrical, always rented. (2 duplexes on 1 parcelGreat location in historic district. Solid newer block construction, all 4 water heaters new. Roof and AC units are in great condition and regularly serviced, ceramic tile everywhere, desert landscaping, new paint. Fully rented with a waiting list. 7.5 Cap.


Real Estate Outlook 2017, Vancouver, BC

Real Estate Outlook 2017 Conference on September 24.
24th year … 12 speakers – 25 sponsors

  • 500 plus attendees – a mini convention
  • 2 speakers from the US, one about New Mexico
  • Listings/ deals and US financing experts Todd and Eric
  • Best Canadian financing – Kyle
  • Focus on outlook for lower mainland Ozzie, Rictoria, Charan 
  • Investment structure advice
  • Where the deals are
  • Best suburbs
  • Best small towns
  • Best US towns
  • 9 astounding predictions (Ozzie predicted last fall that Trump would win)
  • 2 for only $97
  • Go to REoutlook.ca for more information or to sponsor, call 604-683-1111


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