Immigration: Real Estate with ACE Lawyer! Residency, Citizenship, Investors, Students - Don't Miss Out
Ozzie chats with RAVI JAIN, B.A.(HONS.), LL.B., LL.M., C.S. Immigration Expert
Can real estate ownership facilitate permanent residency or citizenship?
Has investor immigration affected the housing market?
Are there currently any investor immigration programs?
cuts to international student visas (response to Canada’s housing shortage?)
What are the key considerations for entrepreneurs applying for the Start-Up Visa?
What are some common challenges or pitfalls that entrepreneurs encounter when navigating the Start-Up Visa program and deciding where to implement their business in Canada?
Temporary residents or refugees, housing options and rights in Canada?
Mitigate the false hope perpetuated by bad actors regarding affordability?
Comments on PR and temporary resident numbers?
Barrister & Solicitor (Ontario) Attorney-At-Law (Massachusetts)
Jain Immigration Law
Past Co-President, Canadian Immigration Lawyers Association
Past Chair, Canadian Bar Association (National Immigration Law Section)
Lawyer of the Year, Best Lawyers (Immigration Law 2022)
Certified Specialist, Law Society of Ontario (Citizenship & Immigration Law)

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