Ozzie forecast a Trump victory to his subscribers several times:

OZZIE’S FEARLESS AND ASTOUNDING 2016 PREDICTIONS (in the 56 page Outlook issue)

  1. January 5, 2016 – Subscriber only : Outlook issue or FBE #1 – The No. 1 fearless prediction: “Long shot prediction: Donald Trump will win the election!”
  2. I then followed it up on January 26 at the World Outlook conference and several speeches after that
  3. Subscriber only Facts by Email #21 – May 23rd, 2016 : “President Trump? Get Used To It”

OK now, what does it mean for us as real estate investors?

Positive and negatives from a Trump election:

12 positives: 

  • Keystone Pipeline – terms may be negotiated – but it will be approved. Not only Trump but all Republicans already voted for it. That means access for our oil to ports. HUGE benefit. The project promises Canadian oil companies a better price on their output with more direct access to international markets.
  • Benefits all oil producing provinces – some more than others.
  • Americans will buy our real estate in larger numbers. Not because of Trump but because of our falling Canadian dollar.Where? Anywhere w/o the foreign tax. Toronto preferred but also Montreal and Whistler, Victoria, Kelowna.

12 Negatives:

  • Softwood lumber dispute. He will want to score an early win (January), step into the messy debate and protect US producers. May affect lumber export towns.

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