21 Ways To Sell Your Home Faster

"INNOVATION IS THE CREATION OF THE NEW OR THE RE-ARRANGING OF THE OLD IN A NEW WAY."  Mike Vance, Dean, Disney University (These are just suggestions. Work out the details with your preferred realtor. Much success! Ozzie) #Ozbuzz When selling a home (or anything else for that matter), the marketing effort must be coordinated

March Market Report

Sales higher in Toronto (+18%) Calgary (+20%) and Edmonton Sales lower in Vancouver (-31%), Fraser Valley and Victoria (-17%) Toronto sales of 12,077 are more than Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton, Victoria and Kelowna (10,751) together Average prices higher ALL CITIES, down in Vancouver Alberta jobs higher in March (highest percentage increase in Canada) SF homes and condo sales have

Farmland Tax

If you own farmland ... get ready for the foreign tax applied to it. (See more at www.factsbyemail.com)   NEW! Christmas Offers! [wpi_designer_button text='ORDER NOW' link='http://jurock.com/checkout/?rid=pS9j86&affid=jurock&sid=products' target='self']   [wpi_designer_button text='ORDER NOW' link='https://jurock.com/checkout/?rid=pErb6l&affid=jurock&sid=products' target='self']   [wpi_designer_button text='ORDER NOW' link='http://jurock.com/checkout/?rid=prySzL&affid=jurock&sid=products' target='self']

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Four reasons why BC is not in a bubble (though it looks that way)

B.C.’s housing market is not in a bubble. A bubble is when a buyers’ market appears and this is when the sales-to-listing ratio for MLS action falls below 12%. In that scenario only two areas of the province now favour buyers: The Kootenays, with a sale to listing ratio of 8.7%, and northeast B.C., where the ratio is

Alberta – now is the time for low-ball offers

We have always like Calgary and Edmonton and in my newsletter we recommend buying there again – but not yet! A close look at the two cities shows both condo markets are holding up, perhaps surprisingly, well, but there are marked differences. Here is a look at the Calgary and Edmonton condo markets as of

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Island living? The summer is the worst time to buy island property

Recreational island investing … often it is better to poke yourself with a sharp stick in the behind. 8 reasons why you have to be very careful: Things to do – why you should be doubly careful when investing In Your Island in the Sun We forget that islands take ferries (some take 3 ferries) Building at waterfront could be impossible (can no longer

Old low rise apartment buildings are the ticket

Old, low-rise rental apartment buildings in New Westminster are now selling for around $160,000 per door and for upwards of $440,000 per door in Burnaby’s Metrotown! But, prices are also rising in Surrey, Langley and as far out as Abbotsford as the blast radius from Vancouver’s multi-family boom continues to spread. The big mover is Burnaby, because the city


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