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  • E.g. Richmond SF $850,000, 4 cashflow deals


Dave SteeleOzzie Jurock talks to Dave Steele, CEO of Western Canadian Properties Group wcpg.ca Warren Buffett says “Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy only when others are fearful”. Easier said than done. Today in British Columbia, real estate investors are uncertain and many are frozen at a time when they should be taking action. Dave Steele is the CEO of Western Canadian Properties Group, a development firm focused on developing multi-family projects in the top high growth markets in North America. Over the past 30 years, Dave and his team have helped over 12,000 investors acquire more than $2.0 billion worth of cash flowing investment properties. Today WCPG is developing projects in some of the top markets in British Columbia Including Fort St. John, Dawson Creek, Surrey and Victoria.

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Olga RickardsOlga Rickards is a best-selling author, regular guest speaker on positive psychology at the University of British Columbia, and coach to high achievers. Olga’s clients include multi-millionaire entrepreneurs and executives running mutli-billion dollar companies. Olga helps achievers become more successful, happier and enjoy pursuits that deeply enrich their lives. Using her proven yet unconventional system, Olga helps her clients remove inner blocks that silently sabotage their potential, and rewire the brain for more confidence and inner peace, even when they sleep. Meet Olga at OlgaRickards.com

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  4. Oh, my goodness, you really don’t like the extra fees on luggage either! Of all the responses I have received since our Oz Buzz’ inception, these responses have been the most passionate. 
    One subscriber writes: “… having said all that, what can we do about it? We are helpless. You say why do they do that? Because we let them! OK… but how to fight?” The answer is, as always, not easy. The TV stations that now run banner AD commercials thru our movies or run their commercials much louder than their program and the excessive parking penalties levied by private parking companies …or the excess baggage or missed flight fees…they are bigger, organized, stronger. As are small groups of protesters for this and that – they are heard because they act together, stronger. The middle class, you and I, are busy working and they act together – we don’t. The only way to fight excessive luggage fees, no ride sharing, the power of parking company charging you $120 for a $5 parking ticket that expired, etc. etc. is this:

Let’s agree for one week not to fly West Jet, then another week not to fly Air Canada – changes would come rapidly. Let’s for one week not buy gas at Shell, the next at Chevron. Secondly have a mass walk out all throughout Vancouver until we get Uber, etc., etc. but who has the time to organize, to be vilified and so in the end we must bear it … but not grin.

Q: You said sell in May and then go away and the market went down – now what?
A: The market recovered right away too and again “I am not a stock market advisor” – but if I were – the number 1 thing I would do is “WATCH LIQUIDITY”.

Q: The more I read and hear about your ‘most unreported inflation of all times’ the more I see it everywhere: gas prices, rents, all food, restaurants, parking…everywhere.
A: Yep!

Q: We are contemplating selling or waiting for Vancouver’s market to recover. How is Vancouver in relation to past markets or other jurisdictions that were in a downturn?
A: Vancouver has experienced major downturns in 1974, 1978, 1981 – 1984 (16% interest rates), 1989, 1993 (13.5% mortgage), 1998, 2008. It recovered from all of them. Other markets? Toronto had a 16% sales increase, Montreal ditto (prices up 7% and volume 15%). Ottawa seems to be even reversing Canada’s declining home price trend by “experiencing its biggest boom in almost a decade,” according to The Globe and Mail increasing price by 8% in March.

Q: You said in the last Oz Buzz that you would highlight some forecasts from Land Rush – I haven’t seen them yet?
A: Here are some astounding predictions from me from the Land Rush conference.

These retirements countries have large expat populations, and some give you the ‘golden visa’: Buy a house/condo and get a passport.

We have recommended most of these for 9 years…still do.

Some thoughts: Next day delivery need downtown warehouse space. 140,000 students need rentals, 2nd largest movie producer needs studio space. Investors rejoice.

Deal of a lifetime always comes in downturns. Oh, and remember: “you don’t get what you deserve – you get what you negotiate!”

Does not apply to all. But with some 50 projects on hold … it may apply to you!

The future is here today!


  1. LEAST EXPENSIVE ACREAGE (with a suite) in Greater Victoria
    5 bed, 4 bath 3,050 sq./ft finished space 1,225 sq./ft detached workshop
    800 sq./ft self-contained cottage on 2.33 acres. Sauna with an outside shower $969,000
    3 Bed, 1,550 sq./ft house with a 2-level detached 10×10 shop. NO STRATA, stainless steel appliances, designer kitchen, stylish countertops and backsplash. Rental approx. $2200-$2300.
    $549,900 Next best-priced home is $649,900.00
    3608 sq./ft home on a 22,730 sq./ft lot in Langley – Add a side suite for mom and dad
    Original farmhouse with tons of character with a newer 2 level addition.  Large 900 sq. ft detached shop. $970,000 priced $391,000 below tax assessment
  4. RICHMOND, 3 bdrm 2 bath $850,000 – great home, recently renovated
  5. KELOWNA, presale condo – zoned for short term rentals! 10% deposit, $10-$15k cashback at closing. Prices start in mid $300s.
  6. CHILLIWACK Fourplex – cash flowing $1000 monthly $799k
  7. ABBOTSFORD house with 2 suites – cash flowing $1000 monthly $498k
  8. CHILLIWACK condo unit – cash flowing $125 monthly $239k


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