OzBuzz Podcast: A $47,000 condo where? A brand new house for under $450,000. An ace plan for investors!

Ozzie talks to Keaton Kirkwood: Topics: Alberta mortgages, Why Calgary and why Edmonton NOW! Get his top notch plan and make informed decisions. Alberta mortgage broker ace moved onto 10 acres with a great house for $700,000 minutes from town. Email him at keaton@kbmortgages.ca. To book a phone call please use https://calendly.com/kbmortgages/mortgage-questions-and-help

OzBuzz Podcast: 7 MUST KNOW 2023 Mortgage Secrets. Best rate, which term. Presale financing, private money. NEW RULE!

Ozzie Guest: Kyle Green Ace Green mortgage team - $1 billion annual mortgages! As promised get the 'term chooser calculator' by asking for it here: info@GreenMortgageTeam.ca or for a review of your situation call 604 229 5515. Presale financing, private mortgages, spreadsheets for success, professional rate forecasts, see GreenMortgageTeam.ca

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Oz Buzz #86: Misleading Headlines – Market Is Not Hot

August 13, 2023 “Bill Gates owns 4 private jets: 2 Gulfstream G650Ers, 2 Bombardier Challenger 350s. Each one of them emits more carbon in a single flight than your car in your entire lifetime. But its 's your car that's causing climate change!” Spectacular cash flow! AirBNB in the suburbs! Tricks of

OzBuzz Podcast: Spectacular cash flow! AirBNB in the suburbs!

Kelly Fry and Ozzie discuss AirBNBs: Spectacular cash flow! AirBNB in the suburbs! Tricks of the trade. Finance them, run them, huge profit. Call or write Kelly Fry CPA, CA - Keller Williams Elite Realty, 604-418-3162, kfryhpi@gmail.com


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