Oz Buzz 78: The year end issue with MICHAEL CAMPBELL

SURPRISE: Canada's leading, most-quoted business talk show host MICHAEL CAMPBELL (mikesmoneytalks.ca) joins OZZIE to talk. INFLATION, INTEREST RATES, INTERNATIONAL FACTS, GOLD, COMMODITIES plus, a snapshot of the coming – must attend – WORLD OUTLOOK CONFERENCE. Michael Campbell + Ozzie Jurock video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Xd2DKaL5X8   IN THIS ISSUE: MICHAEL CAMPBELL AND OZZIE VIDEO

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For some 29 years, Ozzie and his group of experts have faced problem situation after problem situation with a thoughtful interpretation of all the facts, meaningful forecasts and more importantly, making money in any markets.

Luxury Real Estate: Who pays $15,000 a month to rent? Ozzie chats with Ace Agent Baxter Welch

Baxter Welch is the TOP AGENT at Vancouver Luxury Realty. In his 'day to day' he runs across the very ELITE of buyers and sellers marketing rentals and sales of the finest luxury condos and houses.

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The Smith Manoeuvre will reduce YOUR TAXES. Make interest deductible, take years off your mortgage!

Ozzie Jurock and guest Robinson Smith discuss how The Smith Manoeuvre will reduce YOUR TAXES, make interest deductible, and take years off your mortgage!


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