"Dolce far Niente".  Feel this. It means: loosely translated from the Italian: “The sweetness of doing nothing...” Think about the last time you actually sat back down, or walked without a phone and felt that sweetness, that ‘oh so’ sweet feeling of doing nothing. Remember when you were a child? The Italians have something here ... GO

Oz Buzz #15 – Holiday Tickets Special

“Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation." !!Ozbuzz takes a biiiig leap! We now have 22,382 subscribers! We are also approved by Apple and you can listen to podcasts on iTunes! Ozbuzz thanks you!! Hot Properties: Big Pocket: Edmonton

Oz Buzz #14 – The Numbers

“If the facts are contrary to any predictions, then the hypothesis is wrong no matter how appealing.”   Major Point: Podcasts and OzBuzz blog now can be listened together or separately. Hot Properties (details below): Surreyinvestment property: Side x Side duplex, 2 separate titles. Reduced to $1,300,000 Surrey. 638 sq. ft, one bdrm/den,

Oz Buzz #13 – New HELOC Stress Test is Ridiculous

OZ BUZZ #13 PLUS HOT PROPERTIES Major Point: The new HELOC (stress test) changes will knock out thousands of buyers. The qualification has gone from onerous to ridiculous. READ IT AND WEEP! Hot Properties: Pemberton: $329,000 Victoria: $179,000 Oliver, Brand new $386,500 Kimberley: $109,900 Kimberley: Duplex, $449,000 Podcast interview with mortgage ace Kyle Green:

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