Oz Buzz #6

#OZBUZZ #REALESTATEMARKETS #BOOK #WORLDVIEW #REALESTATE#NORTHWESTEXEMPTION #LIVELIFELARGE #TURKISHDELIGHT #YESTERDAYSDREAMS Today’s issue: Several comments: Do more on the world view/Do more details on real estate/ Love Behzat/Do it weekly. Lots of responses on all things real estate. A thinkers book. Ozzie on air. Bitcoin. Tesla. Inflation. Turkish Delight. Investment tip. Real Estate tidbits. US

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Have you been keeping your eyes open for a deal that is TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE? Then look no further! These gorgeous country residential lots can be used for year-round acreage living, or as an upscale vacation home. These lots are beautifully designed and are starting at bids of 75% below retail value!

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Hot Property: Vancouver 5-Plex $2,149,000

VANCOUVER 5-PLEX 5-Plex on East 1st Ave in East Vancouver with a CAP rate of 4.17% Potential for development of four story condos if 3-4 lots are assembled All units currently tenanted at market rent with an NOI of $89,657, fully renovated $2,149,000 lot size 33 by 124.5 COURTENAY, VANCOUVER ISLAND  Courtney, BC, SF

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