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“The higher a monkey climbs, the more you see of its behind.” 

– Joseph Stilwell

What is OzBuzz?

Well, it essentially features from time to time my often quirky opinions of the world, what I read, listen to, and my “LIVE LIFE LARGE “pearls of wisdoms”. I will also interview people from time to time thatI find interesting or direct you to an existing video or radio piece.

OzBuzz June 10  
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In the last five years, I started out our forecasts with a forward quick look for Black Swans. Black Swans? Well, the book is called ‘The Black Swan’ by Nassim Taleb. In this bestseller Taleb talks about a ‘Black Swan’ as being a highly improbable event with three principal characteristics: It is unpredictable; it carries massive impact; and after the fact we concoct an explanation that makes it appear as less random and more predictable than it was. Google, he says, was a Black Swan; so was 9/11.

Wondering about the flying “Black Swans” of 2018, I found myself reviewing Taleb’s book eye-opening book again.


As many of my listeners know (I have 15,886 listeners on my internet music channel) my taste in music is eclectic. I can go from Apocalyptica to Heavy Metal and from old time rockn’roll to modern pop. Anyway, I love Lindsay Stirling and her dubstep music. A virtuoso. Love her piece Crystallize.


No time to read? Yes, thousands of books are now audible. Go to AUDIBLE.CA and look for books you can listen to. It’s amazing how easy and cheap it is.

Even my book: REAL ESTATE ACTION 2.0 is now audible…and FREE with a subscription.


Ozzie is on air with Michael Campbell every Saturday sometime between 8:30AM – 10 AM. The Hot Property that we discuss there, is available by subscribing to the Ozzie Dispatchat Jurock.com


In this ‘Buzz’ I take no position on this or that politician. I look at the world’s countries and how their actions may affect us in our real estate world. Not what anyone says, but what they do. I wrote to my subscribers (in 2011) that we should: Not worry about Greece, instead worry about Italy and France (France has had deficits every year since 1978). Thus, I’m not too surprised at the turmoil in Europe (and you have not seen nothing yet).

But looking at the all-important USA it seems to me that it has a plan to create worldwide uncertainty. Why? First, it keeps their investors (big capital) from outside – overseas, Canada and Mexico and look for investments (relocation, expansion) in the US. Second. American companies get a tax break (and new lower taxes at home) if they bring their cash from overseas back to the US. (Apple has between 300 and 500 million dollars alone overseas, with other US big boys – maybe a trillion?). The outcome? Uncertainty stops US companies from investing capital outside of the USA – because they don’t know whether there will be tariffs, penalties etc. So, for now, they and their money stay home.


  • US economy will get even stronger and can raise rates at will. Feds will raise next week and 4 times in 2018.
  • US dollar will continue to rise.
  • Any country that borrowed money from around the world in US dollars, sees its debt payments rise (some to impossible heights), its currency crunching down. Currencies worldwide are crashing already (Brazil down 20%, Mexico 12%, Argentina -30%, India down.)
  • Foreign capital wants certainty and is rushing into the US now. That will accelerate (and allow US expenditure and deficit programs to be financed with easy foreign money).
  • A lot of that capital (plant expansion, company relocation) that might have come into Canada or Mexico (elsewhere) is now not coming…scared of possible increases in tariffs, trade wars…etc.
  • Canada’s economy will be weaker, and the Canadian dollar will be lower long term. Short term it will fluctuate with the current news: Nafta on – Can dollar up, Nafta off – Can dollar down. US interest rate up – Can down…etc.
  • Canada economy may have seen its highs. Foreign capital hates uncertainty. Canada can not get anything approved: protests, legal challenges, tariffs at 6.5%, Dairy boards (US at 2.5%).


A few weeks ago, I was interviewed on CFAX by ace Realtor Tony Joe– on my philosophy on real estate investing … listen to it here.



If you paid all your taxes up front, you’d give government every dollar you earned before today, Tax Freedom Day. From today (June 10) onward, you’re finally working for yourself and your family. Because governments impose a litany of taxes—some visible, some hidden—it’s very difficult for average Canadians to get a clear sense of all the taxes they pay. That’s why every year the Fraser Institute calculates Tax Freedom Day, a handy measure of the total tax burden imposed on Canadian families by federal, provincial and local governments.

Fraser Institute – communications@fraserinstitute.org


  1. With hundreds of millions taken in by scammers and hackers (holding up companies for ransom) why can’t we fund a multi-million dollar effort to track down the rotten bastards and put them away in jail? Why can they operate with impunity?Because we let them!
  2. With the current nasty seemingly CRA scams going on, scaring people with unimaginable threats… People are impersonating RCMP, police officers and claiming they are from CRA. People threatened, people are told to pay off tax bills or have their house blown up! Why can’t we track the offenders down and put them away for lengthy sentences? Why can’t we infiltrate the scammers? Why can’t we get after their internet providers? Why can’t we get after phone companies? Why can they get away with it? Because we let them!


You are different today than you were five years ago, you will be different again in 5 years from today. The difference? You can decide TODAY, what your FUTURE BEST looks like!



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