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“Money is not the most important thing in the world. Love is. Fortunately, I love money.” 

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This year’s theme: ‘How to make money and how not to lose it!’
Speakers present and debate investment opportunities: Edmonton deals, BC’s north, Phoenix real estate deals, Maple Ridge, Surrey, Langley, Transit-oriented developments, Richmond, Insurance musts, Mortgage secrets, US foreclosures, US tax liens, Forecasts on economy and most Canadian markets with a special focus on Alberta and BC. and Investor focus. Watch what you invest in 2019.
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Today’s Issue:

  • HOT PROPERTIES (3 BR, 3 BATHS, POOL: $285,000)


Q: I hear that developers are not allowing pre-sale buyers to assign their contracts, is that fair to the buyers?
A: It depends. Often, the reasons are fairly obvious. If a building gets close to completion – often the buyer feels the value may be going down or he bought too many (to flip) or he can’t close … and then assigns it to a new buyer at a lower price, or just to get out of his obligation. That might disturb the whole building. 

Q: If condos are continuing to crash, will we have a collapse?
A: This question (‘collapse’, ‘it’s over’, ‘the music has stopped’) I am being asked often. Some ask it with glee. There is no collapse in the general market. Sharp value declines are in the luxury market which represents less than 8% of the market. I think Single Family homes in most Vancouver suburbs will bottom this summer/fall. Condos will take more time to adjust. One of the biggest problems will be as condo prices decline (and they will 10-15% further) buyers may not qualify for the mortgage of the new values. Lower prices may motivate the bank to say: We will give you a mortgage but $100,000 less than we promised.

Q: China seems to be in a big crisis. Because it is not a democracy? If it collapses will it drag us down? 
A: A joke, right? China is not going to collapse. Yes, China and many other countries believe that the so-called fair election democratic may no longer be necessary. And if you look at the gong show in England (one of the oldest democracies and the downright political war in the US…they may be right). China’s autocracy seems better to some … and don’t need an election. 

China can switch from an external into an internal market … Its growing consumer society is massive. The West is having a crisis. Europe is in severe crisis. More people will come here…

Q: With mortgage rates being so expensive and the stress test aggravating them further, what do you expect to happen?
A: Mortgage rates are falling and when you compare them to 1993, (5-year term was 13%, today the best 5-year term is 70% lower) – rates are actually quite good for a strong real estate market. Just make sure that you do not believe your banks’ ‘posted rate’ of 5.5% or more when the contract rate is almost 2% lower than that!

Q: It’s easy to quote the sheiks liking oil, but what does that have to do with our need for climate change?
A: My father told me never to discuss religion, politics or sex in polite company. Assuming we are in polite company I want to add one more: Climate Change. But here I go anyhow: I reported to you that I found countries that find oil a blessing because this national treasure allows its people to have free health, free education and no taxes. In Canada we also have a national treasure, we want lower taxes, we want to spend more on healthcare and education, but we hate our national treasure. Enough said.

Q: I liked your take on “Gadget Takeover” but find your prediction on a cashless society way out there. Do you really think we can do without money?
A: Yes. Eventually. Not only that but sometime in the next 5-20 years we will have self-driving cars, no coins and no paper money, in fact a world of no paper at all! Mark my words.


BC premier likes a new refinery in BC but will not allow a new pipeline. Huh?


I’ve had the privilege of forecasting real estate values for 27 years and had a spectacular record on predicting the direction of markets and the selection of quality real estate. At our conference on May 4th, we will delve into the interest rate environment, the acceleration of the creation of “funny money”, massive inward migration and THE FUTURE … in a world increasingly awash in cash and debt. I have maintained for 19 years that we live in the most unreported inflation of all time, hard asset inflation that is. Come to Land Rush 2019 and be astounded when 13 real estate experts make their predictions in this most difficult of all years. How to make money and how not to lose it in turbulent times.

HOT PROPERTY (all on display at Land Rush this weekend)

  1. Phoenix: 3 Bed, 3 bath house, BIG LOT, ALL NEW RENO SWIMMING POOL – $285,000
  2. 10-unit US apartment building in Arkansas at auction offered at $16,000  
  3. Port Coquitlam: 10-bedroom legal duplex with $500 positive monthly cash flow. $1,275,000
  4. Kitimat: $550+/month positive cashflow. Presale townhomes starting at $399,900 with 12-month rental guarantee. Mortgage rate holds up to 24 months. Estimated completion Spring 2020.


We are currently collecting 100 Hot Properties under $100,000 in British Columbia and Alberta & Phoenix, which all attendees to Land Rush 2019 will receive. Tickets available at www.landrushcanada.com


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The Real Estate Land Rush conference 2019 starts its 27th year, May 4th, 2019 at the Pinnacle Harbourfront in Vancouver. We have an action-packed 13 speaker line up and an expert sponsor group to answer any and all questions you may have about the current real estate market conditions, the opportunities available and how to avoid the pitfalls.

Ozzie Jurock – Heads up the conference since 1993 and has literally helped thousands of attendees make personal and business fortunes by his steadfast belief in the value of owning well researched, well selected real estate by understanding real estate cycles and market conditions. Come to hear his ASTOUNDING predictions for 2019. (See his extensive bio at ozziejurock.com)

Our Gold Sponsors are:

Rick Hoogendoorn – Commonly referred to as ‘Rictoria’, Victoria’s ace realtor couple Rick Hoogendoorn & Cheri Crause are both developers, realtors and two experts on the Victoria market scene. In his spare time Rick published two books!

David Steele – CEO of Western Canadian Properties Group, a development firm focused on developing multi-family projects in the top high growth markets in North America. Over the past 30 years, Dave and his team have helped over 12,000 investors acquire more than $2.0 billion worth of cash flowing investment properties. Dave will share his research on where he believes these markets are heading and the current deals that his investors are seeing.

Kyle Green – Ace mortgage broker, who has been ranked one of Canada’s top brokers and has carved out a niche as an investment property specialist since 2018. Investing in real estate personally and his creative cashflow analysis has helped thousands of investors. Kyle says mortgage money is still there, but you must know where to find it.

Our further speaking lineup includes:

Brad Norman – Ozzie calls him the US Auction Master. We all hear about how to make money in foreclosures and at auctions but very few people actually make it. Brad has been in this business in the UK and the United States for 15 years. For example, some highlights include: Recent purchases:

  • 8 Unit multifamily for $10,000 where rents are $850 a month per unit
  • Commercial unit for $2000. Rents for $1000 a month
  • House for $4000 will sell for $40,000
  • American dinner and bar for just $20,000
  • An Office building for $5000, now renovated and rents for $5000 a month

Todd Smith – Todd Smith & his wife Shannon Cunningham have been recognized by Phoenix Magazine as top real estate agents 4 years running. If you had listened to Todd 5 years ago at the Outlook conference, you would have made 40%+ profits. His outlook for 2019: Phoenix is still hot, and he’ll explain why!

Charan Sethi – Award winning developer Charan Sethi has built some of the finest low-rise apartment buildings in Surrey and shares his vision of “the future’, transit-oriented developments. His past predictions on the strength of the Surrey market have been spectacularly correct. Come hear his view on the Fraser Valley market with a special focus on Surrey for 2019.

Ralph Case – Personally and with joint venture partners has purchased over 4,000 residential units in the last 15 years.   An investor since 1981, he has witnessed numerous up and down economic cycles.  He buys looking for low risk, cash flow and “forced appreciation”.  He is co-founder with Ozzie Jurock of Jurock Case Investment Realty Inc.  He is a man of no-nonsense action.

Rudy Nielsen– “Where should you invest? How to find and valuate land using the new technology in today’s real estate environment.” One of the foremost experts in recreational land valuation and development in British Columbia. With over 50 years of experience, Rudy Nielsen is a highly regarded expert in the real estate industry. Rudy has occupied the roles of developer, appraiser, entrepreneur, land owner, real estate consultant, speaker and deal maker

Justin Smith – Everybody wants to generate cash flow, but you need to know how. Justin Smith will teach you how to generate substantial cashflow through furnished rentals with Super Suites by hedging vacancy, tenant risk and buffers against rising inflation and interest rates through their niche furnished rental model.

Jodi Steeves– 27 years’ experience in real estate whois in the top 1% of Realtors in the Fraser Valley and is the President of Aldergrove Business Association. Over 85% of her business comes from past clients and referrals. She is committed to building relationships that last a lifetime.

Kelly Fry – Kelly Fry is an investment realtor and chartered accountant focusing on building wealth for her many clients. Her love for numbers has made her a natural for analyzing the perfect real estate deal and finding maximum ROI. She also loves to create cash flow and to raise capital.

Robert McLeod – Collectedly marketed and sold over $1b in the Edmonton market. He has worked with some of the biggest developers in Edmonton and Vancouver, from entire subdivisions to affordable new properties in growth areas. He’s bringing sleeper presale properties – not available to the general public yet!

Our fantastic sponsors & exhibitors for this event include:

AskanExpert – Get your real estate investment questions answered at www.askanexpert.ca

AZ Performance Realty – In the last 8 years, conference attendees have made a literal fortune in Phoenix. Phoenix is still hot! Come see the listings that AZ Performance Realty has on display at Outlook 2019.

BCRED – British Columbia’s FREE real estate directory. Add your BC real estate business for free now at www.bcred.ca

Brent Roberts Realty – At Your Service! I make myself available at all times. My web site is here to help you 24 hours a day. You can search listings at your own convenience, browse reports, and read up on real estate info on your own terms. When you are ready to see a listing in person, or just have a simple question, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Niho Group – Western Canada’s leading expert in recreational real estate. As one of British Columbia’s largest private owners of recreational property, we have over 45 years of experience in buying, selling, managing and developing all types of recreational property and real estate throughout the province. Whether you are looking to purchase raw land or a lot in one of our many recreational subdivisions or looking for a consultant to help you with the market strategy of your own project, we are the recreational and rural land specialists in BC.

Glacier Media Group – Glacier Media delivers essential daily news, market analysis, data-rich intelligence and a range of marketing solutions to clients and audiences internationally. We add value by connecting executives to a community of over 500,000 senior managers and influencers – informing and empowering them, helping them to build their business.

Green Mortgage Team – One of the top brokerages in Canada. The Green Mortgage Team can find you the mortgage money when nobody else can in these tough lending conditions.

Hawkeye Wealth Ltd. – Helping individuals secure and grow their wealth by allocating part of their portfolio into private equity real estate. Come learn more how Super Suites generates substantial cashflow, hedges vacancy and tenant risk, and buffers against rising inflation and interest rates through their niche furnished rental model.

Investment Revenue Realty (IRR) – IRR connects real estate investors to experienced real estate developers. Taylor & Cynthia will be sharing the growth that is driving the Victoria real estate market and an opportunity for investors to participate in Langford, BC.

Jodi & The Team – Specializing in Aldergrove and the surrounding neighbourhoods. 25+ years’ experience selling real estate in the Fraser Valley, Top 1% Realtor* Re/Max Hall of Fame, ASP Certified Home Stager. Jodi and the VIP team look forward to seeing everyone on May 4th in Vancouver.

Jurock Case Investment Realty (JCIR) – JCIR is a licensed real estate broker owned by Ralph Case & Ozzie Jurock specializing in finding well researched real estate opportunities for a special group of select clients. Formerly called Worldwide Referrals Realty, the new JCIR relies on the expertise of the founders Ralph Case & Ozzie Jurock, who together have been in the real estate business for over 60 years.

Kelly Fry Team – A full-service investment real estate team whose members are actively investing themselves locally. The team specializes in the Fraser Valley and focuses on providing well researched education.

Marc Jurock Re/Max Westcoast – Marc and his wife Fion are expert realtors specializing in Richmond – with a special focus on Richmond Centre Brighouse. Fion speaks Mandarin & Cantonese fluently and both have worked with thousands of individual real estate investors helping create profitable futures.

Mogul Realty Group – Edmonton Area Real Estate Team Servicing Home Buyers, Sellers, Investors, and More. We are experts in our industry because we love Real Estate. Our passion fuels our knowledge. We are constantly a step ahead. As Edmonton’s investment Real Estate experts, we designate to educate and engage with upcoming trends and how they might affect our clients and the market as a whole.

McLeod Realty & Management – McLeod Realty agents know investment real estate and are all investors themselves. Specializing in Edmonton, they guide clients expertly through all types of investment real estate, from condo presales and rental pools to multifamily buildings.

OzBuzz – Ozzie Jurock’s quirky opinions: What he reads, listens to, things that bug him, interviews of interesting (to him) people, real estate forecasts and LIVE LIFE LARGE wisdoms. It’s FREE! Subscribe to the free Hot Properties and OzBuzz at www.jurock.com.

Pierre-Paul Turgeon – Pierre-Paul is Canada’s leading authority and insider when it comes to investing in apartment buildings because of his unique perspective on this type of investment. He is a former CMHC multi-family underwriter and a full-time multi-family investor with a portfolio of 160 doors valued in excess of $22M.

Real Estate Action Group (REAG) – REAG is an inclusive monthly group open to all those who want to create a better life for themselves through real estate investing. The focus is getting into clarity and taking action through an association of dedicated members.

Rick Hoogendoorn & Cheri Crause – Greater Victoria Property Group – Rick & Cheri founded the Greater Victoria Property Group and have built up a substantial portfolio of properties through western Canada primarily through joint venture partnerships. Rick and Cheri are developers, expert realtors and are dedicated to finding profitable opportunities for their clients

Tammy Sharp – Whether you are looking for a primary residence, vacation home or an investment property, I can help you. Please contact me and if I am not the absolute best suited person to assist you, I will happily refer you to a recommended and trusted Real Estate Professional in my network. Your best interests will always be my top priority.

Taylor Steele & Cynthia Aasen– Taylor Steele & Cynthia Aasen are the co-founders of Investment Revenue Realty, helping clients invest in cash flowing properties in BC and the US. They will be focusing on the growth that is driving the North and the Victoria real estate market.

Western Canadian Properties Group – Western Canadian Properties Group is proud to offer investors opportunities to invest in real estate property developments in Canada’s strongest real estate markets. We have assembled one of the finest teams of passionate real estate professionals. The completeness of our in-house skill set means we control the entire process: from evaluating and identifying potential high-growth markets; to land acquisition; to designing; to building; and to selling quality multi-family homes. The result? A proven exceptional real estate investment process that has generated double digit returns for our investors and joint venture partners.

Western Investor – Western Investor delivers commercial real estate, franchising and business investment news to investors in B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

See http://landrushcanada.com/2019sponsors.html for more info on the LAND RUSH 2019 Exhibitors and Sponsors

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