Ozzie meets with Michael Geller and discusses his eclectic views on parking (why minimums, why not maximums?), co-living (young people love it), micro suites (it’s working), zoning changes (better designs and better uses). Also, how laneway and coach houses may affect your tax-free principal residence exemption.  All in order to make our lifestyle even better.

Michael is a Vancouver-based architect, planner, real estate consultant and property developer with five decades’ experience in the public, private and institutional sectors. He also serves on the Adjunct Faculty of Simon Fraser University and is a regular contributor to the Vancouver Courier and Vancouver Sun and frequent commentator on urban issues across Canada.

As president of The Geller Group, he specializes in planning and real estate consulting for large and small-scale residential and mixed-use projects. He also undertakes small property developments on his own, or in partnership with others.

Michael has been honoured as a Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Planners and Life Member of the Architectural Institute of BC.

Michael Geller Architect AIBC, FCIP, RPP, MLAI
President, The Geller Group
Adjunct Professor, SFU Centre for Sustainable Development; Resource and Environmental Management
Columnist, The Vancouver Courier
(1) 778 997 9980  Website: www.michaelgeller.ca
Blog: www.gellersworldtravel.blogspot.ca

FOR HIS LATEST PROJECTS: GO HERE:  www.VinsonHouseResidences.com and www.AmblesideMews.com

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