Subscribe first then… Live Life Large! If you live in a 2 million dollar house you are a multi-millionaire… Ozzie takes a look what you could do with the money. The average price of a Vancouver home (Average!) is $1,930,000!

The most oft asked question is: “I have a house in …xxxx…should I sell now? Usually, the ‘over the sixty’ crowd asks. When I inquire what exactly they own, they say: a 2 – 3 million home. We owned it for years and it went up about $400,000 last year.

Now you know why there are no new listings…everyone is scared to sell too soon.

When I ask, is the home clear title, answer is yes, do you have other assets, usually it is yes, a small RRSP. Blows me away. You are a multi millionaire! But you live your life small. MY motto? Live Life Large! Forget the heirs! You are still alive…

Play with me: Imagine you sold your house and had two million free and clear.

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