"Dolce far Niente".  Feel this. It means: loosely translated from the Italian: “The sweetness of doing nothing...” Think about the last time you actually sat back down, or walked without a phone and felt that sweetness, that ‘oh so’ sweet feeling of doing nothing. Remember when you were a child? The Italians have something here ... GO

Oz Buzz Podcast #12: Nick Woywitka of Nicon Developments

Nick Woywitka is a high quality community builder operating a multi-faceted construction company that has been in business for almost 40 years. Nick prides himself on creating innovative new home designs, superior workmanship and is a leader in green technology. Among others Nicon Developments http://nicon.ca has been awarded the 2018

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Oz Buzz #16 – Year-End Thoughts / Forecasts and Predictions

“God speaks to all Mutual Fund managers first and then she speaks to you second.”  Holiday gift deals (see below) #OZBUZZ #PODCASTS #LANDRUSH2019 #REALESTATECANADA #REALESTATEBRITISHCOLUMBIA #REALESTATEVANCOUVER #REALESTATEPODCASTS #LIVELIFELARGE #SPECIAL #LIVELIFELARGE #OIL #PREDICTIONS #FORECASTS Today Issue: Year-end thoughts One-line predictions Forecasts and Predictions Numbers to study Opportunities 2019 Inward migration will

Oz Buzz #15 – Holiday Tickets Special

“Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation." !!Ozbuzz takes a biiiig leap! We now have 22,382 subscribers! We are also approved by Apple and you can listen to podcasts on iTunes! Ozbuzz thanks you!! Hot Properties: Big Pocket: Edmonton

Oz Buzz Podcast #9: Rick – Rictoria – Hoogendoorn – Ace Realtor in Victoria, BC

Rick 'Rictoria' Hoogendoorn is an ace realtor in Victoria, BC http://greatervictoriapropertygroup.com. But much more than that, he and his gal Cheri Crause re-invented themselves as developers creating fine apartment buildings. Their extensive real estate portfolio is a testimonial to an exciting journey of success, overcoming fear and perseverance. Rick is

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Oz Buzz Podcast #8: Charan Sethi – Award-Winning Community Developer in Surrey, BC

Charan Sethi immigrated to Canada, worked as a machinist and reinvented himself as a realtor, builder, and now as an award-winning community developer. He is the founder of TienSher Group of Companies http://tiensher.ca. He works with his two sons and their motto is "We may be in the bricks and

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Oz Buzz #14 – The Numbers

“If the facts are contrary to any predictions, then the hypothesis is wrong no matter how appealing.”   Major Point: Podcasts and OzBuzz blog now can be listened together or separately. Hot Properties (details below): Surreyinvestment property: Side x Side duplex, 2 separate titles. Reduced to $1,300,000 Surrey. 638 sq. ft, one bdrm/den,

Oz Buzz Podcast #6: Jeff Fawcett: Balance Between Personal Passions and Business

Our guest is Jeff Fawcett - business man of the year, real estate investor and great raconteur. Jeff talks about balance between personal passions (golf, Italy, wine) and business. Jeff and wife Cindy are married 30 years and run a wildly successful insurance agency. His words 'Balance leads to Passion,

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Oz Buzz Podcast #5: David Siebenga – Inventing Opportunities and What is a Security?

Ozzie talks to David Siebenga http://strategicgateways.com about inventing opportunities and what is a security. It’s a tough and expensive market out there and how do you protect yourself? How to review deals, joint ventures (jvs), syndicates and evaluate "champions". With a background of law and business for 30+ years, David

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